Father's Rights

Somebody from work told me about Amina. I called her up, she was very kind. The first day of court with her, it was like a U-Turn. She was like a little hero to me. She made the other attorney realize that I really want to be in my son's life. She cared. She knew there's a child involved. I felt like she was God sent.

                          -J. Mendez, Client

Times have changed, and so have our norms. Women are no longer trapped in the domestic sphere and men are increasingly involved in their children’s upbringing, forcing the reevaluation of father’s rights. At The Law Office of Amina Rashad, we are dedicated to helping fathers realize the rights they have regarding their own children, whether relating to a custody or support battle. Not only has a shift in gendered expectations altered a father’s role, but so has the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York State, which is a situation overlooked by many attorneys.


If you are a father fighting for increased involvement in your child’s life, whether it is weighing in on important decisions regarding education and healthcare, or driving the child to school, we are the right choice in helping you realize this goal. We are here to fight for you and your children. Call now for a free case evaluation. 

Helping Dads to be Dads

Fathers often fight an uphill battle when it comes to child custody issues. Regardless of the age old assumption that women are "nature's caregivers," the law in New York State demands an examination of what is in the best interest of the child. At the Law Office of Amina Rashad we pride ourselves on fighting aggressively for father's rights both in Family Court as well as in divorce proceedings. Call today and let's do this together.