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Enforcement of Court Orders

What if the other party is not complying with a Court Order?

If there has been an Order issued by the Court that is not being complied with by the other party, you have a legal right to file for an Enforcement Petition. Despite a Court order in place, your former spouse or the Respondent in the action, can refuse to comply with the order.


Court orders can be issued for child custody, child visitation, child support, spousal support, and equitable distribution.


If you are dealing with the other parties’ failure to comply with the Court issued order, you will need to consult with an Attorney and file an Enforcement Petition as soon as possible.

Years  of Accumulated Practice

Speak to an Attorney

We understand that this is a frustrating time. Do not do it alone. Let our Attorneys help you ensure that the Court Order is fully enforced and complied with. Contact us today.

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