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Making the Process of Adopting A Child Easy and Effortless for you

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           Adopting a child is one of the most selfless and fulfilling things a family can do, and we are dedicated to helping you complete your family through the private, domestic adoption process. Private adoptions occur between the birth and adoptive parents without any intermediaries, and immediately following the birth the child will be placed in the care of the adoptive parents. Adoptions are considered domestic adoptions when a child is born in the United States and then placed with a U.S. family.

            In order to adopt a child, one must be certified as a qualified parent. This process includes home study interviews performed by a social worker, to ensure the child will be placed in a safe home. It is our duty to handle court proceedings that ensure the adoptive parents are legally certified and are easily able to take the child home after birth. Once the adoptive and birth parents have met through these private channels and the prospective parents have been certified, we will work to further solidify your legal accumulation of the child.

            As your representation, we will work to obtain all information surrounding the family and their social and medical history, as it relates to the well-being of the child. Further finalization includes the termination of the parental rights of the birth mother, ensuring there will be no challenge to the adoption in the future. We can also aid you in applying for adoption subsidies, medical subsidies, and reimbursement of nonrecurring adoption expenses. If the child should be born outside of the state of New York, we will work for the approval of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC).

            A court proceeding will occur a few months after the child’s birth, as well as the close working with the child’s caseworker during a period of supervision, so as to finalize the adoption. If need be, we can further help with post-adoptions services. The process may seem complex, but we are happy to walk you through the process and its requirements, ensuring your family gets what it needs.

Helping with Adoption locally & Internationally

Adding the missing piece of your heart such as adopting a child into your family is a life changing event. It is highly advisable to seek legal guidance to help you avoid any legal complications which could lead to delays or even prevent you from completing the process. We are here to help.

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